(Re)setting Our Mindset: SAVERS, Personal Narrative, and Creative Design

Mindset is a major part of every struggle and every victory. As Toastmaster, Jennifer reminded every person to (re)set his/her mindset at the beginning of each day. Using Hal Elrod's acronym SAVERS, Jennifer provided a heuristic for beginner every day with structure, poise, and purpose.

The theme and idea of mindset was developed, extended, or explored in every speech. The first speech extended the theme of mindset​ by exploring the elements of creative design and cultivating a creative mindset. Patrick shared those elements, derived from Charles Duhigg's book Smarter Faster Better, in order to challenge the traditional myths and mysticism surrounding creativity. Creativity is not an enigma – it is problem solving.

There are many farming stories that encapsulate an essential life truth, and the second speaker, Belinda, recounted her gardening experiences. From those experiences – tilling the land, watering the plants, protecting plants, pulling weeds – she sowed essential life truths (and reiterated her disdain for nutgrass). Through her speech, she influenced her audience to remember that mindset is not just about what we add to our lives, it is also about what we remove from it.

​And finally, Becky gave her personal story about living in two worlds – that of New York and that of South Carolina. With comedic perfection, Becky's words allowed her audience to feel the South Carolina heat, appreciate her enjoyment of central air, and understand the impact of her family's fingerprints on her life. Above all, Becky's speech encourages people to dream big, live big, and make the world a better place – an impassioned reminder to be thankful for those whom have been a positive influence in ​our lives and a living example to live with a mindset of generosity.