Ice Breakers: The Journey of a Thousand Steps Begins with a Personal Narrative

Personal narratives are the essence of how we both share our journey and empower other people on their pathway. Jennifer and David reminded us that life is not merely about the destination; it is also about the process. Whether learning life lessons from our children, traveling the world, or living life on a different patch of the planet, we are all “making haste, slowly.” And it is through our shared, universal experiences that we gain the insight and direction for our particular, personal decisions. Our lives become the means for our stories, and our stories become the means by which our inherent capacity for learning is kindled and our willingness to embrace knowledge is stoked.

We also were reminded at the beginning of the meeting to not take ourselves so seriously. Valerie challenged speakers to consider the power of yoga, and these table topics provide insight on how yoga is not merely a healthy activity, it is also a healthy metaphor for living. These are the insights shared by UCTM speakers.