A Speaker Bureau Surprise: Sharing in a Patriotic Tradition

It was November 5th, 1977… This is how Bob began his speech, recalling a day that is indelibly embedded upon his memory – the day that he gave the keynote address to a group of men and women who would soon become citizens of the United States of America.

It is via this solemn ceremony and joyous occasion that Bob shared his family's journey to America as they fled Ireland's potato famine. Within the memory of these immigration stories – the story of being a keynote speaker and the story of his own American heritage – Bob framed a deeper narrative for every toastmaster. He reminded every toastmaster to be conscious of his and her personal narrative – the solemn joy to speak with poise and the responsibility to search for speaking opportunities to both encourage and strength the lives of others. He challenged every toastmaster to find opportunities to put his and her speaking skills to the test and to use those skills for the betterment of others.