Nature, Childhood, and Re-Discovering Freedom

It is important to “get out and smell the roses.” It may be equally important to get out and see the waterfalls in North Carolina. Randy explains that there are numerous waterfalls in North Carolina to be enjoyed. He even provides a concealed “dare” – it may be possible to see all of the waterfalls in one day.

Just as important as enjoying nature is to remember and enjoy our childhood. Audrey challenges the notion that the world isn't as safe as ​it was “back when we were growing up.” The world may in fact be safer – we just choose to live scared. Audrey explores this irony in her speech “Children in Captivity.”

And while Randy and Audrey remind us to reminisce upon the landscape of North Carolina or consider the landscape of childhood, Sherry's table topic questions remind us to consider the scope and magnitude of freedom as we celebrate it, consider its origin, and contemplate its future. ​