Carpe Diem (with Much Thankfulness)

Everyone needs an occasional reminder to seize the day.  In both table topics and the personal speeches, we were reminded of how a little thankfulness goes a long way.  It reminds us of the good in the people around us, the great opportunities that surround us, and the blessings of everything in between the inevitable highs and lows of this life.

Table Topics

Describe a time when you were extremely thankful for what didn't happen.

– Shania

Describe something seemingly small and insignificant for which you are very thankful.

– Rene

Demonstrate in words and body language what it looks like to be entitled and ungrateful.

– Ben

Describe Thanksgiving at your house and all the trimmings.

– Patrick A.

Speech & Evaluations

Time to Embrace It

– Randy


– Patrick A.

Penny for My Thoughts

– Shania


– Erika