Pure, Engaging, Powerful Energy

“The slot machine is in control.

— Audrey M.

Renee was the Toastmaster for the evening, and she led with the theme of energy – challenging all of us to consider how Toastmasters is a place where we expend tremendous amounts of energy and yet, paradoxically, leave with more energy than with which we began. 

The evenings speeches ranged the full gambit of motivational energy. Audrey crafted a narrative that amused us on the pull of gambling and the power of slot machines – the machine is in control. Patrick shared his ice breaker, “It's Gotta Be the Shoes.” Through the creative interlacing of shoes and narrative, he used footwear to tell the tale his life's journey and to challenge us on ours. And finally, Shania told “Johnny's story,” reiterating an important reminder on positive thinking – we can become anything we set out to be.

And just as we began, we left with high energy – only with just a little more than we began.